Finding Wonder in the Rain

It’s been raining here at our tiny house for a few weeks now. While DH tries to build a shed, and the kiddos fight off colds, it’s easy to let the gloom get inside our small 360 square foot 5th wheel. However sitting this morning drinking my coffee and reading my bible I became filled with joy? No inspiration? Not really, WONDER! Yes, I was filled with wonder. Now many people may look at my life and wonder how I don’t go crazy, or how we have managed not to kill EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. But the reality is, I was filled with a biblical sense of wonder that few people ever talk about.

Wonder: (Verb) Desire to be curious to know something.

When looking back on the last 4 months “The 5th Wheel 5” have come a long way, we moved out of a 2400 square foot house, bought our rig, bought land, and are now working on customizing our property, all while keeping 3 kids alive and on time for school, thank you very much!

God has been with us, he has covered our family and helped us to meet important deadlines and milestones. Have we had our challenges? Of course! Our 5th wheel needed to go into the shop on three separate occasions, our rental spot flooded, and we had to figure out the whole “Black Water System of Doom” (but that stories for another time).

Throughout this journey one verse in-particular keeps jumping out at me. It comes from the book of Job. The story of a man that had everything taken from him, and yet his faith and love for God persisted through it all.

I have been tested and stressed, passed and failed while learning how to navigate this new lifestyle but one thing that has remained constant is the wonderment that I have for this new adventure and for the journey that I am on with my faith by my side. We have a goal, a wonderful and glorious goal, to be debt free, and to live our lives for His ultimate purpose. This tiny house is a major key in our debt free journey and one that I am so excited to take.

“He knows where I am going and when he tests me, I will come out as pure gold. For I have stayed on God’s path; I have followed His ways and not turned aside.” Job 23:10-11

I may not know what the future holds, but I am filled with wonder.

Fighting humidity in a 5th Wheel

Fighting humidity in a 5th Wheel

Humidity can be arguably one of the worst problems to overcome when living full-time, or camping in a 5th wheel or other RV. Over here in Washington state The 5th Wheel 5 live full-time in A RAIN FOREST! Now when most people hear Rain Forest they think of the amazon (and not the awesome one with one day shipping)! However those of us from the Pacific Northwest know that Rain Forests are alive and well up here. The last rain storm we had resulted in a flood that was about 6 inches deep at its crest and made our tiny house, an Island Oasis according to our oldest son.

**Side Note, it’s extremely difficult to explain to three boys why we can’t go fishing outside of the bedroom windows!**

The three most common reasons for humidity and condensation on the windows (and walls) of a 5th wheel is due from cooking, showering, and yes, even breathing. Living with 5 people in a 40 foot 5th wheel is no exception to that last one. We quickly learned we needed to get a handle on this before the water started to destroy our lifestyle due to mold, mildew, and rot.

We tried a few different options from “Damp-Raid” buckets, to opening windows, and turning up the heat but the most energy efficient and easiest option for us ended up being a 30 Pint Dehumidifier from Whynter. Coming in at just under $180 it was an option that was middle of the road for price with the most pint payout. To be honest, I thought it might have been overkill but boy oh boy was I wrong! With comfort settings from 35% humidity to 80% and even a pre-programed “comfort” mode that will adjust the humidity based on temperature, this machine is a real workhorse. In only 2 hours of initial set up our windows were dry, and the humidity dropped from 76% down to 50%. And filling the holding tank halfway! image2

We have now found a happy zone of 45 percent humidity that keeps our house dry without feeling like a desert. Our tank needs to be emptied once every day and a half and has a safety shut-off if it is forgotten.

So, now that the review has been written, lets get down to the nitty gritty.


Quite: Seriously, its a very low hum that is not distracting and not noticeable during conversations

Affordable Quality: For the price, this unit can’t be beat! Higher capacity for the price and great reviews made me more prone to try this in a 5th wheel than other models. I haven’t been disappointed.

Design: (See Photo Below) While I did read the instructions, this machine is very user friendly, the buttons are all labeled and self explanatory. image3



The airflow: (See Photo below) This is a double edged sword as far as I’m concerned. Because this unit gets so much moisture out of the air, it also ends up blowing air around, this air is “dry” and can feel cold. At night, if the air is blowing on my legs, I’ll want pants or a blanket. The nicer part is that the air blows out of the side so simply turning the unit around will solve the problem. Overall with 2 months of use, I have been very pleased. image1


**Below is my affiliate link to purchase. I do receive a small commission for the sale of this product but in no way has it influenced the content of this post. By buying from me, you are helping to keep this blog up and running as well as pay for extra adventures. The 5th Wheel 5 thanks you.**



2 weeks in, what I’ve learned.

I love a challange, I am stubborn, and I HATE asking for help. God on the other hand, loves to laugh at my stubbornness! We have been fulltime 5th wheel living for 2 weeks now, and while 2/3 kids are in school, I take my toddler with me to move out and clean up our military housing. Downsizing from are 2400 square foot home to a 300 square foot tiny house has not been difficult. Moving always has a twinge of tension, but thanks to absolutely amazing friends, we were able to move our possessions into storage within only 2 hours! 
I have always tried to be independent, believing that others will eventually let you down, and relying on oneself was the only way to succeed. This is wrong, and has been proven over and over this week (as well as through every difficult moment in my life). In the last two weeks I have had 4 people help me with problems that I faced, pouring into me, building up my knowladge, and reaffirming that my husband and I made the correct choice. I have learned how to…

Change propane tanks that are almost impossible to fit into place

Fix our AC and heat

Level our 5th wheel in 30 mph winds

And last but not least, I am learning how to fix clogs in drains and how to repair basic plumbing! 


Yes, two weeks in and we have a fairly major clog in our kitchen and bathroom sink, while this is stressful and it can be a bit (read extremely) frustrating, I’ve also learned how to take pipes apart, snake also drain, empty tanks and blow out a line. This drain isnt fixed yet, but thanks to amazing friend here in our RV park, I have faith that all will be fixed soon. 
Remember, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” ~Joshua 1:9

Welcome to Our Adventure

Welcome to our full time adventure. I’m Emily and its so nice to have you here! Just a little bit about me and my family. I am married to an amazing husband that is currently in the US active duty Navy. We have three wonderful boys thst keep me on my toes. They are, three, five, and eight years old. My days consist of balancing schedules, making meals, and serving with my local chuch. I enjoy working out and have found it to be my new “happy place” while surviving deployments. I have a BS in healthcare administration with a double minor in emergency management and crisis intervention. When my children are older, I aspire to help those within the VA system, but I digress. 

My crazy family of 5 have decided to ditch our military home of 2300 square feet for a 40 foot 5th wheel and a whopping 300 square feet. Are we crazy? Probably. Will it be a story worth writing? Definitely. 

One of the biggest reasons that we have chosen this lifestyle was because of the financial freedom it opens up to us. We can get rid of the stuff that we don’t need, or love, save money, and connect with our children in a way that many family’s never do. Our hope through this journey is to get back to our roots, while setting up a future that allows us pay for a home in cash after retirement. We are currently downsizing our possessions which is easier than we thought, besides all of our possessions end up getting destroyed every time the military relocates us anyways! 
We will officially start our full time journey in 2 weeks, it’ll be a new and exciting chapter in our lives and we can not wait to start it. 

We can’t wait to share a glimpse into this fulltime world. Have a topic you’re cerious about? Want to see something specific? Leave a comment and let me know!